Cleaning Services

Cleaning means different things to different people and different organisations. Common to all, however, is the need for clean and inviting internal surroundings that provide a healthy and effective working environment. Our approach is based on processes, methods, and skilled employees. This is how we ensure that the customer receives a detailed, professional, and consistent level of quality in the services delivered.

What we do

In collaboration with the customer we work closely to understand precisely what is needed and provide a professional, transparent and tailored cleaning solution. Encompassing a range of service solutions enables the customer to scale their services to meet their ever changing needs.

Across the Asia region our services offer excellence founded on specialist knowledge and expertise, documented processes and the ability to establish and share best practices across national boundaries and continents.

One-Stop solutions

EROS Cleaning Services can provide good and general cleaning services for restaurants, condo, private apartment, HDB units and offices to busy professionals in maintaining a healthy, clean and proper living environment. With outset in our customer's needs we provide a customised cleaning solution where scope, level and the combination of services are carefully adjusted to each customer. Ongoing quality control ensure that we constantly live up to the expectations.

No longer do you have to worry about keeping up both your work and house cleaning. Now you can order from my Home Cleaning Service Singapore to clean your house , you’ll never have to add cleaning to your to-do list when everything is taken care of for you, allowing you to spend more time on leisure activities with your families. With our ONE-Stop professional cleaning service, you and your family will enjoy greater flexibility and privacy in the comfort of your home.